Plant-based diet resources

There are countless websites out their devoted to food and nutrition. Below are a few of the ones I use constantly when planning meals and shopping trips.

Forks Over Knives

This movie showed us that eating right can help you do so much more than lose or control your weight. The foods you eat are what power your heart and your cells. Make sure that you are giving your body the most potent nutrition all the time! This documentary shows us that a plant-based diet can prevent or reverse things like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. My wife and I committed to a plant-based diet right after watching this movie in May of 2012 and we haven’t gone back.

The Engine 2 Diet

We bought this book within a day or so of seeing Forks Over Knives and learned more about the diet and the inspiring story of firefighter Rip Esselstyn. Along with being a world-class professional tri-athlete, Rip worked in a firehouse with men who ate the standard American diet and had terrible cholesterols. One of his fellow firefighters had a cholesterol of 344 and had a family history of dying too early from heart disease. Rip challanged the people on his Engine 2 shift to adopt a plant-based diet and the change in their cholesterol and health in a short time was amazing! Learn more about Rip’s story and get details that make sticking to the diet easy. The back section of the book includes many recipes.

Happy Herbivore

A quick search of this site and you will find a recipe for just about anything you’re wanting to make plant-based and low-fat. If you can’t find it here, her cookbooks probably have it. Everything I’ve made from them have been called restaurant quality by my wife! Her blog also offers great tips and inspiring stories from her “Herbies.”

T. Colin Campbell and The China Study

The China Study is the second book I read after switching to a plant-based diet and the details within the writing convinced me that there is no better way to protect my family from the diseases that kill the most Americans than to avoid animal products and processed foods that are loaded with salt, oil and sugar. The book talks not just about the comprehensive 20-year study that looked at blood work from 6,500 people, it also looks at numerous diseases that affect many Americans and how a plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse them. The study concluded that counties with a high consumption of animal-based foods in 1983–84 were more likely to have had higher death rates from “Western” diseases as of 1973–75, while the opposite was true for counties that ate more plant foods in 1983–84 (from Wikipedia).


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