Blue Berry Oatmeal

It takes some real work to make it on 11 dollars a day eating plant-based as close to possible in Vegas, but I just got done with a 24-hour period in my hotel on only that much money. It helped that I’m on a work trip with our basketball team and my breakfast buffet was […]

Bowl of Mac N Cheeze

Every time someone is presented with the thought of becoming vegan, they seem to turn into a turophile, that is, a lover of cheese, and they look at me like I just took away their brie and tried to replace it with soy slices or a block of tofu. Yes, to eat a whole food, […]

I went to Sonic today. No, I didn’t cave in. No, I wasn’t in the car with someone who wanted to grab a quick bite. I was with my wife and we had just left the doctor’s office where I had the kind of simple procedure that many men have after they and their partner […]

I spent my Sunday morning and early afternoon making my whole wheat flax crackers  to take to the athletic department’s holiday party that night. About two hours before the party I topped them three different ways. One with homemade oil-free hummus and cucumber triangles, another with hummus, salsa and avocado pieces and the last with […]

  When we started our Engine 2 Diet we knew there were some crackers we would be able to eat, but very few. It’s really hard to find a whole wheat cracker without added oil, salt or white sugar. Really hard! So… I decided earlier this week to make my own. After a few trial […]

I just got done making a quick lunch that will provide leftovers for me, my wife and son for a few days. It was very quick and very tasty. Best of all, it’s extremely healthy and packed full of tons of micronutrients we all need to make staples in our diets. I took a sick […]

I’m starting to realize that a major key to a healthy lifestyle is excellent physical fitness. Today I did something that I hope can jump start me the same way watching Forks Over Knives got me started on eating for a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t much. I worked out for half an hour in the […]

Yesterday I texted my wife and asked her to bring me a banana and an apple to work so I could make it through a pair of basketball games. Later that night I realized how amazing it was that fruit was the only thing I thought of asking for to supplement my lunch. My eating […]

I could have gone three hours north or three hours south today to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family, but with a full day of work yesterday and hosting a basketball classic tomorrow and Saturday, my wife and I decided to stay in Topeka for the second straight year and have dinner together. This year, […]

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” I want to make sure as close to 100 percent of what I put in my body is as nutrient-dense as possible and as close to its original form. That’s why I and my family eat a whole food, plant-based diet. I was dozens of […]