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Whole food, plant-based Stacked Enchilada Recipe: When you’re tired of just rice and beans

Brown rice and black beans are generally one of our weekly meals and they usually provide us with at least one meal worth of leftovers.They’re a perfect way to get protein, fiber and iron that the beans provide while mixing in whatever vegetables you have available. Every time I make this, I think about how […]

Mariachi In My Mouth Black Bean Dip

I haven’t made this dip in a long time, but I also haven’t posted a recipe in a while, so below is a delicious dip I made and was smart enough to record its ingredients. This dip hit us with really fresh flavor and was perfect with veggies or baked corn tortillas. It would also […]

Bowl of Mac N Cheeze

Quick and easy vegan, plant-based Mac N Cheese; my go-to recipe

Every time someone is presented with the thought of becoming vegan, they seem to turn into a turophile, that is, a lover of cheese, and they look at me like I just took away their brie and tried to replace it with soy slices or a block of tofu. Yes, to eat a whole food, […]

The whole wheat perfect cracker: If you can’t find it in a store, make it yourself

  When we started our Engine 2 Diet we knew there were some crackers we would be able to eat, but very few. It’s really hard to find a whole wheat cracker without added oil, salt or white sugar. Really hard! So… I decided earlier this week to make my own. After a few trial […]

Quinoa and Kale Salad

I just got done making a quick lunch that will provide leftovers for me, my wife and son for a few days. It was very quick and very tasty. Best of all, it’s extremely healthy and packed full of tons of micronutrients we all need to make staples in our diets. I took a sick […]