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Back on the Road

It’s been quite a while since I posted but a couple of things happening this week prompted me to write something. First of all, you may be reading this because you saw me and my family featured in the Happy Herbivore Herbie of the Week series today. My wife and I were featured for our […]

Those tempting smells and sights we all face when eating healthy

Getting food is no longer a problem for the general population, especially if you are able to push aside healthy eating. When going on the road, a quick and cheap option is usually the one people go with to keep them moving. Last week I rode on the bus with our men’s and women’s basketball […]

Whole food, plant-based Stacked Enchilada Recipe: When you’re tired of just rice and beans

Brown rice and black beans are generally one of our weekly meals and they usually provide us with at least one meal worth of leftovers.They’re a perfect way to get protein, fiber and iron that the beans provide while mixing in whatever vegetables you have available. Every time I make this, I think about how […]

Being brave in the kitchen

Wheat is quickly becoming the staple of my family’s diet and my experimenting in the kitchen is giving us more and more ways to enjoy this plant that is grown in abundance in our home state of Kansas. We eat only whole wheat, of course, and I’m hoping that my tinkering in the kitchen will […]

Heading across the prairie and eating healthy on a 16-hour day trip

Just like anywhere else in America, the long roads that span the central prairies of America are filled with numerous places to pull off and eat. There’s plenty of fast food, gas station goodies and local favorites in the towns and truck stops between Topeka and the 14 other cities that make up the conference […]

Tracking my progress

There’s no denying I’ve been very happy about the changes my body has gone through and I’m about to brag about some of those changes. Just a few days ago I was lying in bed with my arm at my side and I noticed I could feel my hip. I hadn’t felt my hip in […]

Mariachi In My Mouth Black Bean Dip

I haven’t made this dip in a long time, but I also haven’t posted a recipe in a while, so below is a delicious dip I made and was smart enough to record its ingredients. This dip hit us with really fresh flavor and was perfect with veggies or baked corn tortillas. It would also […]

Why I’m no good at moderation and why I had to go 100 percent with no turning back

A bad thing in moderation is still a bad thing. I used to do things in moderation. Bad, but seemingly harmless things concerning how I ate and what I ate. Seemingly harmless because I figured, what harm could they do if they were done in moderation? I didn’t have an explanation for it and I […]

A new weight class!

The NCAA Division II Life In The Balance mandated holiday break doesn’t just benefit student-athletes. It’s given my wife and I the chance to take full advantage of Washburn University’s 12-day holiday break. Along with that I’m also abstaining from blogging since my blog is related to my work. I did want to take a […]

Road trip food

How to pack plant-based foods for road trips

While the rest of the working media is enjoying the press box spread of pizzas, subs or whatever the marketing department could work out a deal on, I’ve found myself planning ahead to find something to nourish me between games or on the way home from a doubleheader. Eating a whole food, plant-based diet based […]