Whole food, plant-based Stacked Enchilada Recipe: When you’re tired of just rice and beans

StackedEnchiladasBrown rice and black beans are generally one of our weekly meals and they usually provide us with at least one meal worth of leftovers.They’re a perfect way to get protein, fiber and iron that the beans provide while mixing in whatever vegetables you have available. Every time I make this, I think about how much money I’m saving our family by having this instead of going out to eat. One big batch usually saves us about $30 in money we would have spent on veggie burritos and it comes without the added salt and oil!

Today is my son’s first birthday and he loves rice and beans, so when I got home I started some rice in the slow cooker, cooked up some veggies and warmed up two cans of beans. I was keeping it pretty simple because I didn’t have any lime or cilantro. I did, however, also make a batch of enchilada sauce from the Happy Herbivore Abroad cookbook (no recipe, just a link to buy the book).

When everything was about ready I went to the fridge to warm up some flour tortillas and make these things into some sort of enchilada. I hadn’t really thought that part out yet and I quickly realized I only had one flour tortilla left but plenty of corn ones. I don’t like how the small corn tortillas break up when you try to roll them, so in a clutch move, I thought of a Mexican fast foot place in town that sells stacked enchiladas. I used to love those layers of beef and cheese covered in their sauce. I decided to try a plant-based option tonight and they turned out to be just as satisfying and delicious and, obviously, countless times healthier.

If it wasn’t my son’s birthday and I had more time to get creative (presents were still awaiting that tired little boy), I would have added some avocado, olives and onions to the mix. You can stick with the rice and beans base like I have and add whatever you think sounds great. My rendition is below.

Whole Food, Plant-Based Stacked Enchiladas

Makes 2 enchiladas

1 Cup uncooked rice
2 Cups water
1 Batch enchilada sauce
Veggies (I used a red pepper and broccoli)
1 Can black beans, drained
6 corn tortillas
Chopped romaine lettuce

Cook the rice and water and start the enchilada sauce recipe I referenced above or find a plant-based, low sodium alternative. Start grilling the veggies and add enchilada sauce to the pan as you cook them to help keep them from sticking. Once they are done, add a few scoops of enchilada sauce to the pan and add the beans. Continue cooking until beans are warmed. Microwave the tortillas for 25 seconds and then place one on a plate. Spread some rice on it then pour some sauce over that. Place another tortilla on top and spread the bean and veggie mix on that. Place another tortilla over that and top with a generous amount of sauce then garnish with the lettuce and perhaps some olives or sliced jalapenos.



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