Soggy crackers (not a recipe…)

I spent my Sunday morning and early afternoon making my whole wheat flax crackers  to take to the athletic department’s holiday party that night. About two hours before the party I topped them three different ways. One with homemade oil-free hummus and cucumber triangles, another with hummus, salsa and avocado pieces and the last with avocado spread and salsa.

The crackers were delicious and were to be a great example of the whole food, plant-based diet my family and I eat. The following, however, is proof that I am not a professional and any cooking advice I give should not be taken too seriously:

I should have waited until the party to top the crackers or just put out the toppings as dips. The crackers turned soggy from being topped with a moist spread way too early and after setting them out and trying one, I had to hide them away. Luckily only the party host saw my blunder and she was very understanding and said they looked great and wish she could have had one.

I would have loved to have had some plant-based treats for my work party to share. Holiday parties are a time to share your favorite, feel-good recipes and, unfortunately, most of them are loaded with unneeded fat, salt and sugar. We politely passed on partaking and luckily, didn’t have  to explain to anyone who didn’t know our diet why we weren’t eating.


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