Commit to fit

Like McKayla Maroney, I’m not impressed with my lack of physical fitness.

I’m starting to realize that a major key to a healthy lifestyle is excellent physical fitness. Today I did something that I hope can jump start me the same way watching Forks Over Knives got me started on eating for a healthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t much. I worked out for half an hour in the hotel fitness center. I’m traveling with the Washburn volleyball team to the NCAA II tournament in St. Paul, Minn., and after a breakfast of fresh fruit (why couldn’t the buffet have had oatmeal as well!), I stopped at the weight room and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on a bike. I should have made it the other way around or skipped the elliptical all together. I have a foot/ankle problem on my right foot and a long day of any sort of impact or extra weight on it will make for pain tonight.

I broke my ankle in 1998. Shattered it really. The tibia and fibula were broke and I got screws and plates all over in there after getting surgery right away. For the most part in the years that followed, it was pain free, but over the summer it started bugging me and really hasn’t gone away. I was running over the summer and also had to move to a new apartment rather suddenly. About two straight weeks of packing, moving boxes and carrying furniture down two flights of stairs to get out of my apartment did pretty bad damage to it.

My podiatrist thinks there may be some ligament or tendon damage that was overlooked, but he won’t know for sure (or be allowed to do any fix…) without an MRI. I go back in about two weeks.

I know that in the college athletic media relations industry, fitness can often be pushed aside due to a very busy schedule that can take up all be maybe two months out of the year. We are very devoted to our field and making sure everything we do is as professional as possible. I know a lot of SIDs who have great physical fitness, but for many, including myself, we can be lacking in overall health.

Road trips can be a time to pig out on the local fare or the media room spread, relax in the hotel and hit the bar with your coaches. While I plan to relax, I don’t plan on giving my whole food, plant-based diet a break. I also hope this week can be a start to helping me find a physical fitness routine while my ankle heals.

I can’t overlook the importance of pairing a healthy eating lifestyle with a physically fit lifestyle.


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